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Best Poker Tips, Guides and Strategies

At Stake Me To Play, we provide our readers with helpful poker tips, guides, and strategies allowing them to increase their chances of winnings. If you are a beginner, you will find the recommendations covered in this article very useful. So, just keep reading it to become a better poker player.

Top 7 Poker Tips

As a beginner to the exciting poker world, you may not know what to start with. The list of tips provided in this article will help you move in the right direction. Just stick to them to improve your skills. Remember, however, that learning how to play poker is not a quick process. As long as you are patient and determined about becoming a great poker player, you will keep noticing the real progress.

1. Learn the Rules, Positions and Poker Hands

If you are going to win in poker, you should know what you will deal with. The very first step you need to take is to understand the rules. You can start the learning process with a particular type of game, such as Texas Holdem poker.

Learn hand ranking. It may not be easy to do this in a few minutes, so you can spot the relevant pictures on the Internet for you to have a look at them any time you need. It is important to avoid situations when during the game, you think what is better — a straight or flush. While it is not crucial when you are playing online against the machine, you want to spend less time on making the right decision when playing against real people.

The position plays a crucial role in poker. In essence, if your position allows making moves after other players, you will know their actions. For example, if someone checks, he likely has a bad hand, and you can use this info to decide on your next move. Picking the right position should be part of your poker strategy, so take it into consideration. Also, you should learn what small blind, big blind, and other terms mean.

2. Be Careful with Your Poker Hands

The next important thing to learn about poker is how to act depending on the cards you have in your hands. Before you draw the next card, you need to estimate your chances of success. There are the best hands to call or raise because they give you greater odds.

Below, you will find the good hands (marked yellow) at a table with six players.

In essence, in most cases, you will need to fold. Even having the top pair may be risky, as your opponent can get a higher kicker.

Poker Tips

3. Don’t Bluff While You Are a Newbie Player

Raising with bad cards is not a good idea. As a beginner, you should be careful. It may be a big mistake to try to overplay more experienced players knowing that you are a beginner. Instead, you can play against weaker players and take advantage of them trying to bluff too much. The thing is that such players like to call or raise with weak hands, and they can do this a lot during the game. When dealing with them, you should be that wise player who keeps the situation under control.

It is surely tempting to open your cards and see the shock on the faces of your opponents because you have beaten them all with a hand that has a low rank. You may experience this amazing feeling many times in the future. Before you will be able to get into the risky game, you should gain enough knowledge of how to play, pick the right table, choose the best seat, and more.

As we said, do not bluff too often, but this does not mean refusing to bluff at all. Eventually, you should gain experience somehow. Try to do this from time to time so that other players could not get an idea of when this is going to happen again. You should not act as a beginner whose actions are easily predictable.

Do not become aggressive when you begin losing, which may make you opt for tricks too often. In fact, every strong emotion, such as anger, should be your primary enemies when playing poker. The rules for beginners keep it simple and wise.

4. Use Poker Software

Did you know that there are special software programs and tools that can help you in your poker game? You will likely be able to find a range of free software products, but you may also opt for more advanced options. Such programs allow counting cards and creating various scenarios, and they provide you with plenty of other information to use in your favor.

In fact, lots of serious online poker players use such software products, which gives them a huge advantage over others. Before buying a software product, you can usually check it in a free trial version, which allows evaluating its quality without spending anything.

5. Don’t Play High Stakes

Are you in a mood for large winnings? Then calm yourself down because it is not a good strategy for an inexperienced player. Freeroll tournaments are what you really need. Another option that you want to consider is poker cash games.

Of course, it is tempting to win a large pot created of high stakes, but you should keep it low at least for some time. This tip will help you avoid draining your budget, leaving the feeling of disappointment in poker.

Unfortunately, a lot of players find it uninteresting to enter the game with a low stake. Well, it is not a problem for those who can lose plenty of money without worrying about that too much, but most players have to be careful with how much they spend to avoid financial problems.

If you still are not convinced that a low-stake table is what you need, then check out the following reasons for that:

  • Stay cool. We have already pointed on the necessity to play with a clear head because emotions can lead you to the wrong road. When risking too much money, you will feel nervous, which will not allow you to properly focus or bluff;
  • Playing against opponents with the same skills. When entering high-stake games, the chances are that you will be playing against real professionals. Beginners are prone to joining tables with lower stakes. This means that your risk of loss is greater at a table with large pots;
  • Getting experience. Your first perception of the game should be created at a low-stake table. It is where you will be able to look around, understand positions, poker hands, and other important matters without worrying too much.

Over some time, you will be able to join a poker table with higher stakes. At the beginning of your journey, you do not want to lose lots of money at once.

6. Improve Your Knowledge

On the Internet, you can find plenty of helpful articles on poker. They include instructions, tips, tricks, and more. Moreover, you can get various books, videos, and other helpful materials. You can improve your knowledge gradually, but you should do this constantly.

It would be a good idea to play various poker games to determine which version you like the most. There are plenty of online casinos you can join to enter the amazing poker world in a free mode. It allows for gaining the necessary knowledge and mastering your skills with no risks.

7. Don’t Play on Many Tables at the Same Time

Hit a single table for a start, as this is by far the easiest way to control the situation. Remember that you will need to make quick decisions. Trying to monitor the situation at several tables will be pretty tough work for you as a beginner. You should always stay focused, remember the previous actions of players, and monitor their reactions. As you feel confident enough when playing at a single table, you can add more tables. Do not add several tables at a time, but keep it slow.


How does poker work and how to win it?

When playing with real players, you can make a poker face, but you will not have to bother with that when playing online. Your goal here is to make the highest-ranked hand, and our tips will help you to become the winner.

Where are poker rules better, online or in land-based casinos?

You can find plenty of poker versions online, and they have certain peculiarities in rules. While the rules of traditional poker games at land-based casinos don’t differ from those available online, casino websites offer a greater choice of alternatives.

Is online poker legal?

Do not worry, no one will arrest you. Although the online gambling industry is regulated differently in different countries, you should be able to find an online casino to play this exciting game without any problems. Just make sure that players from your location are allowed to register and play for real money on a certain website.