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2018 Poker Masters: Ali Imsirovic Wins Purple Jacket, David Peters Takes Down 100,000 Buy-In Main Event

Ali Imsirovic had a breakout performance in the 2018 Poker Masters. The 23-year-old poker ace in Vancouver, WA cashed three occasions round the seven-event show, amassing $1,288,600 in earnings along with winning two names. Imsirovic appeared victorious in back-to-back occasions, taking down a 25,000 buy-in no-limit holdCeltics Wednesday, Sept. 13 and then turning to win the $50,000 buy-in no-limit holdCeltics occasion only a day after. With these two victories and also an eighth-place revealing from the show ‘ kickoff $10,500 buy-in event, Imsirovic earned enough ranking points to secure the 2018 Poker Masters Purple Jacket, which was awarded to the player of the series.

“There are not many things that could compare with this. This win is quite admired for me since this event show has all of the top players on the planet,” said Imsirovic after locking up the jacket. “I understand the World Series of Poker main event is viewed as more prestigious, but if, you want to obtain really blessed across nine days fighting from a down from average area. In such areas, you constantly have to play with your best as otherwise, you’re going to obtain ruined. “

Ali Imsirovic won two titles during the 2018 Poker Masters

Imsirovic secured his very before all else live tournament score less than three years ago. Prior to his impressive run in this prestigious series, he had accumulated just over $1.1 million in live earnings. With his win in the $25,000 event this week he set a new personal record for largest cash, taking home $462,000 for the win after topping a field of 66 entries. Just a day later he improved on that number defeating 47 entries in the $50,000 buy-in event for the biggest payday of his career: $799,000.

“There are still lots of men I think are a lot of better than I am, therefore I got a great deal of work to perform,” said Imsirovic. “I simply ran better than they did but I’m excited about the challenge. I’ll play these men in the future high rollers and only attempt to improve and obtain to their own degree. “

Here is a look at the top ten in the final standings of the 2018 race for the Poker Masters Purple Jacket:

Rank Name Points Winnings
1 Ali Imsirovic 660 $1,288,600
2 David Peters 650 $1,343,200
3 Brandon Adams 510 $543,000
4 Isaac Haxton 480 $309,900
5 Jake Schindler 390 $575,000
6 Koray Aldemir 385 $917,000
7 Ben Yu 360 $478,000
8 Dan Smith 305 $749,500
9 Keith Lehr 300 $333,000
10 Jonathan Depa 270 $249,500

As one can see from the standings above, Imsirovic just barely held onto the lead over David Peters. The 2016 Stake me to play Player of the Year award winner came within ten points of tying Imsirovic in the standings.

David Peters wins the $100,000 buy-in

Peters bookended the series, winning the kickoff $10,500 buy-in no-limit hold’em event for $193,200 and then closing out the series by taking down the $100,000 buy-in no-limit hold’em main event. Peters outlasted a field of 25 entries in the ultimate event, earning $1,150,000 as the champion.

“I’m quite pleased to win this oneI’ve had a terrific series, and perhaps I’ll obtain the coat next season,” said Peters after taking down the final event of the Poker Masters. “Ali deserved to win, he had a fantastic series. It’d ‘ve been nice to win against the coat, to have the bragging rights, and then rub it in different gamers ‘ faces by wearing it to events. “

Peters has five names on the live tournament circuit at 2018, making 18 closing tables and cashing for a total of $5,659,175 annually. As a consequence of the strong showing at this show, he’s once more climbed into contention from the Stake me to play POY race. He currently sits in sixth position, with 5,288 absolute points.

He conquered Dan Smith heads-up to ensure the title. Smith earned $700,000 since the runner-up. Here’s a look at the payouts given in this event:

Place Player Earnings (USD) POY Points
1 David Peters $1,150,000 360
two Dan Smith $700,000 300
3 Koray Aldemir $400,000 240
4 Bryn Kenney $250,000 180