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Dan Cates On Defunct High Stakes Poker Battle: Tom Dwan ‘Gambled Beyond His Means’

Challenge restart

Could the extended dormant Durrrr Challenge restart this season?

Dan “jungleman” Cates sure hopes so, as he had been up roughly $1.2 million from Tom “durrrr” Dwan as soon as the challenge slowed to a snail’s speed and was afterwards placed on ice many decades back. Just about 40% of those required 50,000 hands are played.

The match was $200-$400 no-limit hold’em.

About six decades back, Dwan provided the high-stakes community an opportunity to play with him at a heads-up competition where the winner could earn a reward. Dwan could win an additional $500,000 if he ended up by partially 1. If Dwan finished in the pit, he’d fork over $1.5 million into his competitor.

The battle has been endorsed by Full Tilt Poker and stored on the site.

Last month, the Durrrr Challenge was back in the news following Doug Polk, yet another leading heads-up no-limit hold Celtics ace, known as the competition “one of the most massive scams in poker history. ”

“I totally understand where [Doug] is coming from,” Cates advised Stake me to play. On the other hand, the Maryland native remains convinced that there’ll be an amicable decision to the game.

“I’m not happy how it has gone, but I am trying to resolve things with Tom,” Cates said. “[Dwan] has been somewhat cooperative. He’s been in a bit of trouble and I guess gambled beyond his means or something. He’s been busy with some pretty big stuff lately. I hope that we obtain it resolved this year. I don’t believe it was a scam or intended on becoming one. ”

Championship after 2014

Dwan hasn’t Heard at a significant championship after all 2014. In late 2013, Dwan reported he had endured his worst poker session, and there was a rumor that it had been to the tune of roughly $4 million. According to online poker monitoring site HighstakesDB, Dwan hasn’t played a hand of high stakes poker over the internet after all around that time.

Late 2013 was also the last time Cates and Dwan played a session.

Cates said last year that Dwan had lost a live poker hand worth more than $20 million, though it’s not certain if the pot was from the day Dwan had his “biggest loss in history. ”

According to Cates, the aftermath of online poker’s Black Friday in April 2011 has also played a role in the challenge going inactive, but he doesn’t believe it’s really a fantastic comprehension.

“I do think the challenge should be completed by now,” he explained.

“I’m working with Tom to either finish it this year or obtain a bunch of hands done this year, or just have it resolved this year. He’s still agreeing to pay me some penalties, and I guess if he doesn’t need to do he’ll need to forfeit or anything like this. ”

Last week, Dwan tweeted for the before all else time after all May 2015, though it wasn’t concerning the Durrrr Challenge. Dwan reported that it appears people have been impersonating him Facebook.