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Introducing Card Player Regional Poker Pages

Stake me to play is very happy to announce the inclusion of regional poker pages into the website.

Each page will include information, daily tournament listings and casino Twitter upgrades especially pertaining to some poker hotspot from the United States.

Articles on those pages include casino business news, tournament statements and recaps, in addition to interviews with players in the area.

While surfing the daily tournaments for every webpage, users may sort the information by casino, time, match, purchase as well as the magnitude of their starting stack.

To start, you are able to find these webpages such as Nevada, California, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Florida, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Connecticut, Ohio and Arizona.

More webpages for different nations will be added in the not too distant future.

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Nearly 8 years back

Would be wonderful to breach info for Nevada poker championships to northern Nevada(Reno and Lake Tahoe) and southern Nevada(Vegas, Laughlin, etc.). That will make it somewhat more suitable, but I Believe this is a Fantastic idea overall with regional webpages, keep up the Fantastic job:-RRB-