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Jeopardy Fans Irked By Former Poker Pro’s Unconventional Game Show Strategy

We’ve been reporting former poker ace Alex Jacob and his unorthodox, but effective Jeopardy playing fashion weekly. In reality, on Friday Jacob won for the first time, raising his earnings to $149,802, but some game series purists out there still aren’t sold on the 30-year-old’s program.

Jacob has been dominating his competition by jumping around each Jeopardy category, which throws his opponents off and allows him to find the Daily Doubles more quickly. Once he gets a Daily Double, he either bets big to make his lead insurmountable, or bets small to steal a double up opportunity from the other contestants.

To commemorate his impressive run, Jacob created the Twitter account @whoisalexjacob and he’s done a great job of archiving not only the positive tweets from his fans, but also the negative tweets from the haters.

Here are a few of our favorites.

Jeopardy contestants who don’t operate from $200 (or $400) and then down a class are likely certifiable sociopaths.

– Cracking the Spine (@CrackingSpine) April 17, 2015

I would absolutely have the infants of the dude that ‘s been possessing @Jeopardy, also I despise children. Not sarcasm.

– Julie Lovenbury (@JulieLoven) April 18, 2015

I despise the Jeopardy winner this week. I would like to punch him in his smug fcking confront

– Andi S. (@andithebookworm) April 18, 2015

whoisalexjacob would readily conquer arthur_affect and potentially Ken Jennings. We’re seeing a nerd-god from the making, people.

– Ruth Sameth Loop (@MagistraLoop) April 17, 2015

I effing love this kitty, Alex, on #Jeopardy this week. He simultanously conducts that match AND gives no f**ks.

– Jes Bruce (@goldberry71) April 17, 2015

I would NOT be surprised in this week’s Jeopardy champ, Alex, was a serial killer.

– Cory Sklar (@AskChaki) April 17, 2015

This man Alex Jacob is attempting to destroy Jeopardy for me personally. 5X champ that milks clock. Purchase a shirt that matches, you jackass pic.twitter.com/iq1T4EnB7U

– Braden (@coltmonday) April 17, 2015

Starting with the toughest questions on hazard such as “I’d like to take being a fucking show off for 2000 Alex”

– p mighty kitossus (@thewonderkitten) April 16, 2015

Every time the camera cuts Alex he seems like that ‘s considering what he’s likely to eat for supper… #Jeopardy

– Sidney Wright IV (@SidneyThe4th) April 16, 2015

#Jeopardy Alex is indeed joyless for the before all else time ever I feel as turning Jeopardy away


This dude that keeps winning danger is gont murder Alex and Johnny Gilbert afterwards he loses

– KGB (@ted3kgb) April 15, 2015

Someone please trousers this defending winner on jeopardy. I’d really like to find the true dimensions of the balls.

– J (@Jennaxschroeder) April 14, 2015

Seriously, Jeopardy, canandNumber 39;Can you kick whoisalexjacob for unsportsmanlike mindset and condescending demeanor? #SoAnnoyed

– Mackenzie (@mackenziere) April 15, 2015

Check out Friday’s functionality beneath and observe Jacob defend his name on Monday night.