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Judge Dismisses Cheating Charges Against Mike Postle

In a decision which will anger poker players around the planet, A United States District Judge in Sacramento has ruled in favour of Stones Gambling Hall, Justin Kuraitis, along with Mike Postle Wednesday, preferring to grant their motions to dismiss pending civil lawsuits stemming from Postle’s alleged adulterous on Stones’ live stream.

In a 24-page opinion, Judge William B. Shubb of the Eastern District of California, dismissed all charges against the three defendants. The ruling all but puts an end to the $30 million lawsuit surrounding one of the biggest cheating scandals in recent poker history.

In mostly small-stakes, live-streamed cash games in the Sacramento-area casino, Postle won roughly $250,000 throughout an improbable winning streak where he booked victories in nearly every session he played. After about a year of consistently booking winning sessions while implementing an erratic program, former Stones employee Veronica Brill aired her concerns last October that Postle was cheating the game.

Brill and several other prominent members of the poker world broke down countless hours of live-stream footage to illustrate when and how they thought Postle cheated. The consensus from Brill and others was that somehow, Postle was receiving information about his opponents’ hole cards. But it was unclear to them precisely how he had been doing it.

Veteran gaming lawyer Mac VerStandig took Brill on as a customer and filed a lawsuit against both defendants. In addition, he added over 80 other poker players into the list of plaintiffs, all of whom played Postle on-stream.

Between both defendants, there were a combined 14 complaints, all which were disregarded by Shubb.

He ignored complaints of negligent misrepresentation, fraud, negligence per se, unjust enrichment and a RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizers Act) assert against Postle.

Kings Casino, the parent firm of Stones, had six complaints disregarded, such as negligent misrepresentation, neglect, constructive fraud, fraud, and a libel claim against Brill. Kuraitis was facing complaints of fraud, negligent misrepresentation, and neglect.

In its final filing for dismissal, the legal group for Stones contended that the California law, gambling losses can’t be considered compensation. Kuraitis made similar statements in his submitting.

Shubb agreed and pointed into Kelly v. First Astri Corp., a 1999 case involving blackjack players suing a casino to get using marked cardsto make his purpose. The casino won that litigation too.

“California’s strong public policy against judicial resolution of civil claims arising out of gambling disputes mandates the dismissal with prejudice of plaintiff’s claims against Postle for fraud, negligent misrepresentation, negligent misrepresentation, and unjust enrichment,” composed Shubb.

All Postle’s fees were dismissed with prejudice, meaning VerStandig would need to submit an appeal so as to go on the legal battle against the alleged cheater.

Shubb left an opening to go on the struggle against both Kuraitis and Stones, but since a number of those fees were “dismissed with leave to amend. “

“Plaintiffs are granted 20 days from the date this Order is filed to file an amended complaint against defendants King’s Casino and Kuraitis if they can do so consistent with this Order,” composed Shubb.

According to some tweet from VerStandig, it’s evident an amended complain will be submitted. There’s not any word about an allure.

Disappointment isn’t a powerful enough term, but we’ll go on the struggle with an amended pleading. In the meantime, I would invite all to read the estimate ‘s view, which can be detailed and well-written. My respect for our customers has no boundaries. Https://t.co/bt5POVWawe

– Mac VerStandig (@mac_verstandig) June 3, 2020

Upon hearing the news, Brill took to societal websites too to express her rage in the estimate ‘s judgment.

Just letting the poker community understand that should you choose to cheat a live stream you’re totally free to do so. There’ll not be any responsibility for the actions and you’re free to steal tens of thousands of dollars. The casino, and workers who may assist you, Aren’t liable

– Veronica BLM (@Angry_Polak) June 3, 2020