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Poker Pro With COVID-19 Plays Online From Mexico Hospital Bed

Being hospitalized with COVID-19 won’t stop Shaun Deeb from playing online poker.

With more than three weeks of tournament action in the PokerStars World Championship of Online Poker, the four-time World Series of Poker bracelet winner and high-stakes tournament regular left his Albany-area home at the end of August and traveled to Mexico so that he could battle against online poker’s best. It’s a trek that many tournament professionals decide to make so that they can play against the rest of the world on the international-facing poker site.

Unfortunately for Deeb, he contracted coronavirus a couple weeks ago and the symptoms hit him hard. Sunday afternoon, Deeb tweeted that he had been keeping quiet about his positive diagnosis for about a week and a half, but that he might “want your guys help creating a two or tweet go viral therefore I don’t have to obtain hospitalized in Mexico. “

In another article, he stated that playing tournaments while infected with the virus was exceptionally difficult. He had been sleeping during each five-minute break. Worse, he had been unsure exactly what to tell his two young kids back in New York.

I am going to need to say scariest thing was debating with my spouse making a movie for my children after all they had been asleep Incase I obtained intubated and if to inform them I was ill or not

– shaun deeb (@shaundeeb) September 21, 2020

Now I understand 95 percent of you already know this but I use comedy as best I could at dim been meaning to do a few quips about COVID more serious than others not one ought to undermine how frightening and deadly it could be

– shaun deeb (@shaundeeb) September 22, 2020

I won’t ever offer somebody shit for whining about pain I had no thought that your body could do so many to itself quickly it was/is crippling sometimes

– shaun deeb (@shaundeeb) September 22, 2020

Later Sunday evening, he had been admitted to a hospital at Playa del Carmen. He shared a movie of his hospital room, which also revealed the IV that he had been hooked up to.

Time to rest and recuperate, right? Wrong.

Deeb was frustrated with an error message claiming that he wasn’t in the proper jurisdiction to play for real money on PokerStars.

Trying to obtain it to fix my connection in my room because it won’t link attempt to utilize phone tether when obtain this warning @PokerStars ought to be able to tell I’m at Mexico and allow me to play with my afternoon 2s pic.twitter.com/Wt4sirOqHm

– shaun deeb (@shaundeeb) September 21, 2020

After obtaining his relationship squared off, he affirmed he was going grind the past couple of days of the championship series out of his hospital bed.

You never a truly #wcoop grinder in case you’re not 1 handed 10 tabling on touch pad at a Mexican clinic using covid

– shaun deeb (@shaundeeb) September 21, 2020

As luck might have it, the trip to the hospital might wind up doing wonders for Deeb’s consequences for the remaining part of the sequence. In an answer to Brian Horton, who implored him to quit playing and obtain a rest, Deeb stated he believed “better today than any other session in two weeks” together with “the meds and IV helping. ” He mentioned he had any side bets which were motivating him to continue playing.

There are only a few things which can cause Deeb to forget a WCOOP collection. He chased the arrival of one of his kids in 2016 to remain in Canada and perform with the collection. On the day that his son was born, Deeb won among the eight WCOOP names.

So two years ago now I missed the arrival of the man for #wcoop and won a tourney this afternoon this year I decided to do it happy bday opportunity pic.twitter.com/NNEfFVP2xJ

– shaun deeb (@shaundeeb) September 8, 2018