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The Ten – Overused Poker Terms and Expressions

This week for our new show The Ten we look at the very overused poker terms and expressions, as indicated by an overwhelming reaction in our Facebook fans. It feels like most players have a pet peeve in the online poker dictionary.

Here are a Few of the very (un)popular:

1. Ship ItThis saying usually comes in the mouth of a man or woman who only won a massive pot. The frequent sense behind the unpleasantness is the player who dropped the hands usually interprets it rude. Among our Facebook users explained it as the very tilting thing an individual can hear in a poker table.

2. 1 Time: The matter with this cliche is that occasionally players request their “one time” multiple occasions. Probably they’ve used their “one time,” but a few poker memories fade fairly quickly. For instance in the World Series of Poker clip underneath, Daniel Negreanu whined about primary event winner Joe Hachem’s continued use of it after his 2005 win.

3. Sick: The term has so a lot of flexibility at the poker table it comes as no surprise that it irks a huge proportion of gamers. “Sick call,” “You are sick,” “Sick game,” are only a few of the ways that expression is used. Among our Facebook users stated its congestion causes it to be currently devoid of meaning.

4. They Were Suited: This saying has generated such a stigma that anybody who uses it to warrant a call is very likely to be punished with bliss. The issue arises because a few people over gauge the possibility of utilizing suited hole cards to make a flush. For instance the odds against flopping a flush will be 118 to 1. The 9Heart Suit

two Heart Suit

isn’t that a lot of better compared to 9Club Suit

two Spade Suit


5. Good Luck Everyone: While this saying has some merits due to politeness, seldom do gamers really mean it. Among our Facebook fans set it “What’s with everyone sitting down at the start of a tournament or final table and saying ‘Good luck everybody? ‘ I am not a mean person, but I don’t want good luck on anyone sitting round the desk from me. It’s poker. I expect you’ve got the worst cards . “

6. Donk/Fish: Used in certain situations, these essentially synonymous terms have become the most common way of insulting someone (or perhaps yourself) at the poker table. It is exceedingly rare to be correct in calling someone one of these words, but yet they can be heard with some regularity. You can ruin the game for everyone by criticizing an opponent.

7. I Hate Pocket Aces/My Aces Never Win: There isn’t a lot of to describe about why despising the very best possible beginning in this sport is absurd. Occasionally they don’t win or wouldn’t need (such as from the clip underneath ), however people who really feel pessimistic when obtaining them are able to make different players in the table only shake their heads in bemusement.

8. Nice Hand: Like wishing someone good fortune, this saying is seldom real, occasionally even amusing. But, there are instances when it’s used appropriately – not when you’ve coolered your competition.

9. If I foldWill You Show? : This question is usually introduced to obtain advice, and so could be a fantastic weapon in your arsenal of tricks at the poker table. But this line of question generally slows down the game, rarely influences some conclusions for many players, and may be impolite if demand .

10. I Was Priced In/I Had Pot Odds: Whenever a individual creates a particular drama, if basically incorrect or sound, there’s seldom a sense, aside from remorse, to justify it to the rest of the dining table. Some poker players might like doing mathematics, but probably none.

So what exactly did we overlook? Feel free to comment underneath, letting us know exactly what you don’t like to hear at the table. Click here for last week’s Poker Ten.