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WATCH: Illegal Doug Polk Poker Hand Costs Casino $32,500 Fine

A 10-card stud flip medially Doug Polk and Jeremy Kaufman two decades back cost two managers at SugarHouse Casino at Philadelphia their tasks along with the casino 32,500.

In 2017, a Poker Night at America cease at SugarHouse Casino at Philadelphia featured poker pros Polk, Shaun Deeb and Phil Hellmuth.

Kaufman, a businessman and amateur poker player, was at the sport also and decided to do a little bit of gambling with Polk following the conclusion of the money game. They agreed to perform a 42,000 10-card stud reverse. Deeb filmed the hands and Polk uploaded it to his own YouTube station.

The 2 players wrapped over a card at a time until they could beat another participant ‘s board. It finished with a buyout from Kaufman when he had been revealing eights and fours from Polk’s masters up. After a brief discussion, Kaufman provided Polk $25,000 and Polk approved.

After Polk accepted the deal, the remaining cards were tabled showing that Kaufman could have left a straight to win the hands had he allowed it ride.

Earlier this week, however, the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board mentioned the movie as evidence to fining the casino. Poker journalist David Huber submitted the movie of this PGCB meeting in which they discussed that the hands in question on a poker forum. According to the movie, 10-card stud isn’t a licensed game in the state of Pennsylvania.

The trader was educated by the managers to cope the hand. He’s after all been given a caution while the managers have resigned and therefore are no longer functioning in the nation ‘s gaming market.

Polk reacted in the ribbon apologizing for his actions that caused the managers ‘ loss of jobs.

“I simply thought it’d be quite a fun thing to flow that folks in my station want visiting,” wrote Polk. “Especially coming from Las Vegas where pitches are totally okay, I didn’t really think that it could cause any issues. Once again, I apologize that my actions caused harm to others, even if it was inadvertently. “

The complete assembly is posted underneath. The hand in question is shared medially 1:15:00 and 1:20:10.